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Presentation is the key. If you worked hard at making it, then work hard at presenting it to show how hard you actually worked at it. One thing I learned in culinary school is that a person will buy something first with their eyes. Take yourself for instance when you go to a bakery, restaurant or anywhere that serves of sells food. How do you know what you want. In most cases you see it and fall in love with its appearance or how delicious it looks that you end up getting it. You don't know how it tastes yet. But you already love it.
Get this by placing your food in the center of the plate and lightly drizzling the sauce & oils all around your food

Then you buy it and you either  love it or hate it after you take your first few bites. Sometimes you'll hate it. You think it tastes horrible, nothing compared to how it looked etc. But you bought it. Because of how it looked.
take your food and neatly decorate it cater-cornered on your plate, use different colored vegetables ( raw or cooked) to get the vibrant colors you like and cut up tiny pieces of chives or baby spring onions or any herb. To create the line.

Sometimes you go through all the hard work of preparing the food but then because you don't know how to properly plate it  you end up having your food presentation looking a mess. In this post I am going to teach you different ways that you can actually fix the food on the plate. To make it look more than amazing. Amazing enough where people don't want to touch it because it looks like a work of art as in these pictures below will show it.  To be honest even I myself need to take more time to plate the food better than I do.
Stack your rice, meat and veggies all in layers in the center of your plate and with your meat or veggie sauce/oils or any dressing, dipping sauce you want create this half circle by lightly drizzling it in place around your stacked food.
Kkkkk…. My husband is to blame for that kkkkk…. I love fixing the plate as in these pictures but he gets anxious to eat the delicious food that he won't wait for me to make it look nice on a plate. He could care less for the presentation. But look at it… I am one who really, really does care for presentation. though everyone is different I am sure that the biggest majority is of those who do care how their food is presented on a plate. Call me picky if you want but if the food does not look presentable. I am not touching it. If I do touch it ; its with a lot of ahhhhhhh….. I wish I didn't have to.
Do this with your food or dessert using any type of sauces or liquids. In this picture they were creative in using caramel. Just squeezing it out of the bottle in a zig zag motion will do the job. To make it a thicker consistency try refrigerating it a little to make it a bit harder before squeezing.
Pay attention to all the detail in these pictures. You can use any food, or anything edible to create these designs, colors and shapes on your plate. Play around with ideas. Uses sauces, creams, fruit, vegetables, oils etc. to create these swirly lines or funny dipping shapes and designs.
Look at this one. Absolutely genius. It looks as if someone just poured this light caramel sauce all over the plate. But look how gorgeous. You can lightly pour it on your plate neatly cleaning around the edges with paper towel to define the pour. Then place your food or dessert all around the poured out sauce.
Looking at these pictures above. If you have money and go to a restaurant just by the look of these amazing plating skills you would pay top dollar no matter how much it is just to try it. Because look how gorgeous it is. All of these things can be easily done at home. There is no huge secret or machines that make it look this nicely. Its just creativity and a person using their hands to make it as beautiful as they see it to be.
Take spoonful of your creamy styled sauce, mustard or anything you will use and put a big drop on your plate. Now with the back part of your spoon, push downward and drag forward to make this sideward droop look. Now plate your dish all around the droops 
So next time you cook don't ever just serve your food straight from the pot or just throw it on a plate with a wooden spoon, or just sit in front of the TV eating it any kind of way. It took your time to cook this great dish. Serve it whether it be to yourself or to others with beauty. This gives you much more joy and pleasure in eating this 5 star dish made from home.
I love this one, here you have what seems to be a perfectly cooked piece of salmon and instead of laying it flat on the plate as usual it is standing on its side. Laying on a bed of fresh vegetables and decorated with edible flowers. Brilliant.

From my kitchen to yours


  1. Yummy some more please!!!!! Do I use particular spoons or forks or it doesn't matter. Thank you so much. Xoxo
    Eager to learn from London

    1. Hi, you would use a spoon to do the design mentioned above. Is this what you were referring to. The yellow cream design on the plate?

    2. I meant what cutlery do I have to use as I seee fancy spoons and knives laid out in hotels or restaurants and I have no clue which is which?
      Thank you

  2. Nice! I always try to make my food look nice but I admit I need some more practice lol but looking at pictures helps ��


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