how to make the ultimate 'Grits N Eggs'

Every time I eat this, people who are not american look at me like ' what is that' kkkk… it is an ultimate traditional American breakfast. Grits is ground up hominy corn. It is filling, delicious and gives you a great boost of energy and brain strength for the rest of your day. Here is some trivia for you: For those of you who don't know. Americans are really breakfast people we normally eat a heavy breakfast, slightly heavy lunch and a light dinner as to other cultures who eat an extremely light breakfast, heavy lunch and even heavier dinner : - )

But this grits n eggs is one of my favorite breakfast foods. Here is how you can make it.

Simply take your grits which looks like small pieces of rice and put 1 cup water to boil. add a pinch of salt to your water. Once your water is boiled add in your 1/2 cup grits and cook for about 7 minutes on medium low heat and your done. Separately make some scrambled eggs and add a little cheddar cheese to your eggs and plate both things as pictured above. Your done. it takes no longer than 10 minutes for this yummy breakfast.
Serve with a pinch of butter . mmmmmm.

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