CookieButter Cupcake

Cookie butter cupcakes, these things were delicious. I mean DELICIOUS. Its a cupcake that tastes like cookie. I made a basic cake follow this recipe   and bake it instead in your cupcake pan for 20 minutes; then I added the most ultimate topping 'cookie butter ' a frosting to the cake. This was amazingly good; Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe yet for the cookie butter but I can tell you where you can buy it here in America. Those of you who are not in America… Sorry : - (  

This is cookie butter, it can be found in a store called trader joes here in the U.S but is also known as biscoff spread in some areas of Europe. This is a really good spread to use on cakes, cookies, bread and almost anything else. What I did was pipped it on top of my freshly baked cupcakes and there you go. Simple and yummy.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. Am more of visual learner it would be nice to have video .

  2. I loved you cookie butter cookies I want more


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