Is there a healthy alternative to pasta?

Pasta is known to be full of carbs and is known as the 'unhealthy foods' along with rice, desserts and all the likes. But what if you like pasta? what if you don't want to be unhealthy or want to eat that yummy pasta dish without the guilt?

There are many alternatives to pasta. Now a days there are loads of different types of pastas made out of all sorts of natural ingredients to take away the guilt from your favorite pasta dish. For instance here are two of my favorite pastas that I recently found. One is a wheat pasta and the other is a natural pasta. Pasta made out of Sprouted grains. How they make this I have no idea what so ever. But looking at the ingredients all they used is all natural ingredients to make it.

Unbelievably it tastes great. Just like pasta should. I made it a few times in my favorite pasta dishes and it did not take away from the flavor at all. It just made it healthier. I really loved especially the wheat pasta by 'Ronzoni' and my husband fell in love with the sprouted pasta by 'Ezekiel'. (While on this note: have you ever heard of this name brand Ezekiel; they are amazing: They make bread, wraps, cereal, pasta and almost anything else but they use only ingredients found in the bible to make everything. The bread has no flour, the cereal is made with all types of sprouted grains, barley and all the likes and it is 100% natural… talk about healthy eating. If you are striving to eat healthier this brand is definitely the way to go)

Now that you found this healthier pasta; that does not mean to go on a splurge and now, that its guilt free dive in head first to all your favorite italian foods ; - ) As always do things in moderation…
Too much of anything is not good for you.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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