Delicious desserts

Before I show off these two talents… First of all, I really do apologize for not blogging as often as I should for the last 2 months. My schedule has drastically changed and I just had to find time to re organize myself. But I am back to my normal blogging self again                 : - ) Keep posted for daily blogs with recipes, tips and advice.

 Here I have Happiness and Mayela, two blog viewers from California who made a super scrumptious dessert that I had to put it here on my blog…

Since they are close by, I had the privilege to try both desserts and they were unbelievably good. Shame on me ; but I actually couldn't contain myself I had several slices of each one.Happiness made a mouthwatering strawberry cake with a chocolate ganache sauce drizzled nicely on top; while Mayela made the Queen of all desserts mixed into two a nicely carameled flan sitting perfectly on top of a very soft decadent chocolate cake sprinkled with sliced almonds. ( kkkkk…. after eating several pieces of it yesterday, I must confess I snatched a piece packaged it and saved it for me to eat again today. I am eating it right now as I type kkkk… thats so bad but yet this thing is sooooo…. good)( I wish I could have done the same with Happiness' dessert but when I went for more it was all gone kkkk…)

Boy oh' boy, was this good.  Great job Happiness and Mayela, if you can do it anyone can right… But… I'm not going to tell you how to make these two desserts today but keep posted and I will let you know how to make them soon. Also keep posted because later on this week I will be posting up a video of myself, Happiness and Mayela in the kitchen cooking up a storm. You won't want to miss this at all. Lunch, dessert, snacks, tips and more.This is the first time I have ever made a video in the kitchen with my blog viewers. Keep tuned in to my blog for the video before the end of the week.

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From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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