Kale, is a really healthy vegetable that is really versatile to use. You can have it raw in your salad, in your sandwich in the place of lettuce, in your sautées, soups or whatever else. I tried it all of these ways; and honestly whether cooked or raw it tastes great to me. Kale is a much better option to use in the place of your lettuce in your sandwich because lettuce is not really doing anything to you… I mean yea, its better to use lettuce than to not use any at all because after all it  is a vegetable but. 

'The greener the vegetable the better it is for you'

Having a choice between lettuce and kale or something else like spinach. that would be the better choice in any situation. So remember this line above ' the greener the vegetable the better it is for you ' and try to incorporate that into your lifestyle. 

By adding fresh kale to your sandwich, it brings on a whole new flavor to your ordinary turkey sandwich or whatever sandwich you make and it adds loads of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. The other day I made a breakfast sandwich with eggs and light cheese and I added in my kale just to be healthy and amazing enough it was delicious.

You can us it for your salads as well either cutting them up into small pieces and adding them into your spinach or lettuce salad or eating them in the place of the lettuce or spinach all together along with carrot, cucumber, tomato and everything else with your salad. Will add a new type of experience with your salad. 

Another option was slightly cooking it in with my chicken, fish, beef...

Heres a heart healthy idea. I just sautéed a few pieces of chicken in a pan the other day just felt like making some sort of grilled chicken the other day to go along with my rice and I had some kale in the fridge. I bought ruffled red kale, they sell it in green as well (it's a fresh vegetable) so I chopped it up and just added it to my pot of chicken and just mixed it around for about a minute or two and vuala…. my colorful, healthy, chicken dish...

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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  2. I have to try new things, I never even bought kale in my life.I will try it and will send to you..thank you for sharing


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