How do I make??????

This blog is made solely to help you better your cooking skills, techniques and come up with new creative ideas in making well, anything in the kitchen. There are many emails I receive from blog viewers world wide sharing their cooking experiences on how they have grown and developed in the cooking field by simply reading my blog posts and actually putting it into practice. Not just looking at all the pictures and thinking "wow what a creative idea", or "mmmm…. that looks so yummy". These people are actually reading the posts and getting to work and improving their skills. Thats why they are actually improving, bettering their skills, adding another talent to their board and adding health to their bodies with the consumption of home cooked delicious meals made from scratch at home rather than purchased pre made or pre frozen, pre-cooked or pre- whatever you want to call it  imitations of food .

Here are 3 of my blog viewers who made a delicious something and emailed it to me to see:

She made a yummy meal
She made yummy garlic parmesan breadsticks to serve alongside her meal
she made a yummy banana pudding dessert

Great job ladies, way to go. For you and all the others who are trying hard. If you have been cooking up a storm at home and have been trying and improving your cooking skills even if it is a little bit better email me and send me your cooking pictures so that I can also post them here. (Your pictures don't have to be perfect. As long as you are trying that is good enough, you will for sure get there but its a little at a time. Practice makes perfect) Here is my email:

For those of you just looking at pictures and doing nothing more about it. Perhaps that explains why you still don't know how to cook. Sorry but there is no excuse especially when I lay all the tips here as simple as possible. Its all chewed up for you…All you need to do is swallow... I can't swallow for you 'catch my drift' : - )

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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