Does plain water wash away all the dirt from fresh produce?

Just rinsing off your fresh fruits and vegetables with water will not do the job. Just like taking a shower with only water won't clean you up you need to use soap right???

The same with your fruits and vegetables. But you shouldn't use soap. You should use 'veggie wash' which is a type of soap like formula made from acidic fruits just for fresh produce. It cleans away all the  dirt. For instance I washed my grapes in plain water and then I used this veggie wash and washed it again just to see if it was still dirty and look…

Still really nasty and dirty. Now imagine if you weren't using this veggie wash? Check it out and buy it at your local grocery store. It could be under another name if you are in another Country but the concept remains the same. Washes away dirt and germs from fresh produce and is made with citric acids.

From my kitchen to yours


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