Homemade TV Dinners

What an interesting and yet genius idea. My mom gave this idea to my sister and I absolutely fell in love with it. Many people say that they are too busy to cook on a daily basis or are not so motivated to cook often. So why not when you do feel motivated go into the kitchen and cook a really nice meal. Something you enjoy eating or a new recipe; but just cook a little extra, a little more than what you would need. Package it properly in an airtight container and freeze it with a label of what it is.
Brown rice, chicken parmesan and cauliflower mash

Then whenever you are hungry or in a rush to work, school, church just simply grab it from the freezer and throw it in the microwave and enjoy... Just like you would do with a TV dinner. except this way is a million times healthier, tastier and cheaper than it would be to buy daily TV dinners. Do a few different meals for each week or two and you are good to go.
chicken and broccoli, brown rice and cauliflower mash

3 steps

  1. GRAB
  3. EAT
How convenient, for all of you fast paced viewers. Life is always on the GO,GO,GO...
Try this, cook  once or twice for the entire 2 weeks and freeze everything. This prevents it from spoiling and keeps you with a fresh delicious, homemade meal every time.

P.S. check out my mother and sisters blogs also. Very helpful...

God Bless 
From my kitchen to yours


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