Melon Cuts

* Take a Whole watermelon, cut both sides leaving a basket handle in the middle.
I drew lines where I should cut. I drew on the watermelon
*cut and scoop out the center

*get a melon scoop and scoop the melon that you took out into little ice cream balls. Then place in the watermelon basket.
* buy another melon too like honey dew melon. To give a contrast on different fruits. Also something else to throw in your  fruit basket like cherries or strawberries or something else. The more colors the better.

*slice oranges and decorate the basket handle, pinning it in with a tooth pick. Break the tooth pick and use it as a pin to pin the fruits on the basket handle as you do to pin your hair in place with a hair pin. It's the same concept.

Use this idea or any other in order to use creative ways to have your fruit displayed.
Here is another idea

My sister is really creative when it comes to doing different fruit designs. This was one of her creations. She also has a blog about dating the RIGHT WAY... Take a look


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