Lamb and Beef Gyro

My husband and I are pretty experimental people when it comes to food. We like to taste all different sorts of food, from different cultures, different ingredients put together, things we've never seen or heard of before etc. I think thats a pretty good trait because only this way do you really find some unique foods. Also some really delicious things that you would have otherwise never tasted.

A Gyro, is known a lot amongst Mediterranean cultures. But I know it to be very common in the Greek  cuisine. The other day my husband and I felt like eating out so we decided to eat something different. We searched for a Greek restaurant near by and ordered Gyro's... So delicious. I have eaten them before but this one was absolutely amazing. So amazing that a few days later we went back and ate it again : - )

Lots of Greek foods are delicious because they use all sorts of fresh ingredients such as produce herbs and spices, they use also yogurt in their foods in the place of lets say mayonnaise. Making their meals a lot healthier and so creative. I lived once with a great friend from Greece : -) Cris. I loved ever dish she made. Every dish just got better and better. Her meals were very healthy and yet full of flavor. This I'd say about most Greek dishes.

I haven't tried making this yet, though it seems to be pretty simple. For now I am going to leave it to this delicious restaurant nearby to make for me but I will try making it soon. Just so that i can familiarize myself with these unique Greek cuisines. 
I also tried their lemon roasted potatoes which eaten along with the gyro went together so beautifully.

I searched the web and found a great recipe for both. Try it for yourself and see how amazing it is. From the soft bread all the way down to the yogurt. It is so good.


Lemon Potatoes
From my kitchen to yours


  1. Oh yum! Sounds so good. I love healthy food with lot's of flavour. Very few out there so this sounds really good.
    Maybe I'll be brave and adventurous enough to try this meal out for my family soon...


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