Have you ever experienced Nutella?

Do you know about Nutella? Have you ever experienced it? I say experience because it really is an EXPERIENCE... If you are anywhere as crazy of a chocolate lover like myself you will know how serious it is to have to try nutella...

It is like pure chocolate haven in a bottle. the delicious smoothness of milk chocolate in a spreadable, yet not overly sweet butter form. You can use it on anything. I've eaten it on bread, pancakes, just out of the jar, on cakes, cookies, fruit. I mean just about anything.
Be creative with nutella, you can find it in just about any grocery store on the section where they sell peanut butter, jelly or any jar products. It is inexpensive as well. But Oh... So... Good.
Its as good as chocolate gets and is not that bad for you because its made with cocoa and hazelnuts. can't be that bad right? well for chocolate lovers like myself It is truly a dream come true eating nutella. kkkk... I am getting better with my nutella consumption though. Before my husband would literally have to hide the bottle from me because as soon as I would open it, I wouldn't stop till it was gone.

But Some days I TRULY indulge 

It's okay to have a bit of fun once in a while : - )

From my kitchen to yours


  1. I can tell that you're a true "experiencer" of Nutella Mrs Elise! My niece can't get enough of the stuff. I do however still prefer the good ol' chocolate.

  2. thanks I've never tried it but I will check to see;) gracias.

  3. I think I have some in the pantry, gonna go try something with it right now! Lol

  4. Kkkkkkkkkkk what an experience, I love chocolate and think think this is the right thing for me, I always see it on adverts and I keep telling myself that i will buy it and I forget but after I read this I'm going to try it.mmmm


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