My Blog viewers... Can I ask you for a HUGE favor?

What I want as a huge favor from every single one of you who reads this post is as follows:
I am doing this blog and trying my absolute best to help as many people as I can to learn how to cook. For many reasons because I love cooking, I really feel like everyone needs to know their basics around the kitchen, many people say i want to get married (especially the women) but don't know the first thing about cooking. What are you going to feed the poor guy? Sandwiches? kkkkk.... I hope not. I don't know how long that would last kkkk.... and for many other reasons.

So, I am helping you by posting different recipes that I myself cook at home, tips and advice on how to know your way around the kitchen and my own personal experiences. But sometimes it is really nice to see if the things that are being done is even helpful to others. I get comments from some people and emails from others. But in total I want to hear from you. so this is exactly what I want.... Something super simple but I am absolutely sure that you can help me with... Are you ready????

Can you please send me a comment at the bottom of this post  or even any other post and let me know if this blog has been helpful to you in any way what so ever, if you have tried any of the recipe or tips and ideas, even if you want me to put up a different type of food or has felt as this blog has not met up to what you would have like or would like to see on it (constructive criticism is always good)

I always hear people saying things like 'wow Mrs. Elise I love your blog' or 'your recipes are so creative' ' I am a huge fan of your blog' etc. I love to see that I am helping in any way but what I really want to hear if anyone is actually doing the recipes and not just looking at them. It is one thing to see them and say wow thats nice but its a whole other realm to actually be in front of your computer following and doing the recipes or clicking on the PRINT RECIPE link and actually printing and doing them.

Can you please do me that huge favor? Take 1 minute and just type in something in the comment bar just stating if you have ever tried any of my recipes, did you like it, has the blog been helpful to you or anything else. It's quick. you can even click on anonymous to withold your identity. and if all else fails that you are unable to comment somehow. Then send me an email

I am always doing for you. So this time I ask for you to do for me this HUGE favor. This will help me to help you more and to see where you are exceeding and wherelse you need help etc. 

Help me to better help you

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


  1. Dear Elise,

    Thank you for all that you do.

    It's always nice to look at pictures of your dishes and I do read your notes w/ the recipes. I've been wanting to try something really simple and easy and I chose Pistachio Breaded Tilapia. The tilapia is thawing in the fridge and I will bake/fry it w/ some almond oil tom'r Tues.


  2. Hi miss Elise, the truth is I enjoy reading your blog and your recepies are really insightful. I still havent yet gotten around to making a dish because I have been lacking the drive to put them to work. Not an excuse. But here are the facts. Going forward I
    will fight to do what I have to do.

  3. Continued...
    Because I do one want to learn new meals to make at home. And so I will and I will keep you updated.

  4. Hi Elise,

    I've been anticipating the pistachio tilapia practically all afternoon.... It's a little nutty, hehe, of course and oh so delicious!

    The next one I'll try will be a smoothie....



  5. This blog has been really helpful for all of us


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