Here I have Lightly seared Bacalao on a bed of thin cut Potato Au Gratin served with a cold Broccoli vinaigrette. I will teach you each day how to make each thing. For today I will show you how to make this simple pan fried Bacalao.

Bacalao is cod fish which is salted and packaged in order to be persevered for longer.

Many thing can be made with this.In Portugal they tend to make many dishes with bacalao. But you must know how to cook with it or else your meal will be HIGHLY over salted. Since it is salted and packaged. There is a boat load of salt on there and it takes about an entire day just to remove all of that heavy salt.

First. You must take your bacalao and place it into a big container of water. Almost every 2 hours you need to remove the water rinse the bacalao and refill the container with water again and let it sit for a few more hours. Repeat as necessary. Until you touch the bacalao and taste it and you taste a minimal amount of salt.

The great thing about this bacalao is that there is no need for seasoning. If you did it properly; you did not remove all the salt but yet you managed to remove the majority of it causing over salting. 

Take your bacalao and in a pan place a small amount of olive oil and on medium high heat pan fry your bacalao until golden and turn to cook the other side. Slice onions fry quickly. and top the bacalao with your lightly sautéed onions.

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