A message to those who REALLY don't want to learn how to cook

Sometimes I just want to...

Oh how frustrating it is...
I get lots of views on my blog, lots of people who see the recipes and cooking advice given and they take notes, print the recipes,go home to actually try it. To improve their cooking. Others are already great cooks but love the idea of getting new recipes to change up the meals they already make, lots of people  email me  their cooking or baking questions, some are really truly interested in learning 

But there are the few who frustrate me. oh, how they frustrate me...

I started this blog with those few in mind. The ones who don't have a clue on the first thing it takes to start cooking, the few who live by the same meal each day for a lack of knowledge on what to do, the few who didn't have other decent recipes to go by, the few who actually hated cooking etc. etc.etc.

What to do with these people... running out of ideas. There is this blog now available to you, with recipes, tips, advice, simple meals, I give you my own personal email address for you to write to me asking your own cooking questions, I show you actual videos of me making the meals step by step...
I mean what else can I do. If you don't want it , you don't want it. But don't expect to learn how to cook just based on saying. 'wow. I wish I could cook' Cooking is a talent that can be acquired through practice makes perfect techniques. There is no use in subscribing, receiving these emails straight in your inbox or even coming just to see the posts. You actually need to do them in order to improve.

No one can say that they are too difficult. I simplify every recipe just to ensure it is understandable to people of all cooking levels. there are language translations in almost any language available at the top right hand side of the page etc. Stop making excuses for yourself. Take the time to actually take care of your future, take care of your own health and cook your own meals. There is no such thing as I don't know how to cook, I have no time or whatever else.

There are two types of people. Those who aspire to be more in life and who actually do something to get there and those who hope they can be more and do more with their lives but does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. That is so shameful and sad at the same time because no one can help you better yourself if you are not willing to put in the work for it. 

So for those who really truly want to be better in cooking or widen your recipe horizons with more; take advantage of this blog that is available to you. Read the posts. Subscribe by entering in your email address on the right hand side. Don't just look at the pictures. Print the recipe and actually go to the store. Buy the ingredients and try it at home. Be it Guy or Gal... There is nothing better than a guy who can throw down in the kitchen ; - ) or a gal who can take care of her own...

Be a better you. Don't just settle for less.
From my kitchen to yours


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