Sirloin Steak

Some people like their steak, Rare (slightly bloody) or Medium well ( not really bloody, but still red in the center) and others Well done (no red at all, fully cooked). I am one who likes my steak really well done. I cooked a really good piece of sirloin steak. I rubbed it well with olive oil and just seasoned it with a little salt and pepper. I rubbed in the seasoning. Massaging it into the meat for tenderness and evenly distributed seasonings. Then I simple fried it in a sauce pan with just a little bit of oil for a few minutes on medium heat until the beef was cooked to my likings. I fried an egg and put it on top of the beef. Eating them both together was really tasty.

Along side my beef I made this really delicious type of a potato family called Yuca or Cassava. I boiled it just as I would if I were boiling potatoes until it was soft. ( about 10 minutes.) then in a small pot I  filled it half way with canola oil and allowed it to get hot first and I threw in my yuca peices and fried it as if I were frying french fries. After frying it for about 5 mints until it is light brown I took it out of the oil and dried it on a few peices of paper towel to remove the excess of oil. Once that was done I lightly sprinkled a little salt on top. OH MY GOODNESS... THIS WAS DELICIOUS... I tastes better than french fries. I told my husband they should have this as an option in McDonalds and Burger King. This is really good. To me it is much tastier than french fries by far... I ate so much of it. I had to force myself to stop.

Put together with my succulent beef and fried egg on top this blend was extremely good.

Try it yourself at home.
From my kitchen to yours

P.S. as always if you have any questions of if you want to share pictures of the foods you have cooked send me an email at

God Bless


  1. Thank you Mrs Elise. I am really enjoying to learn how to cook. Cassava seems like an interesting vegetable. I also like my steak Medium well.

    Before reading your blog, I was quite indifferent to cooking. I was in a bad space and reading your blog and learning how to cook a basic meal and other delicious things, really helped me.

    I'm definitely not in the bad space I was in then, I'm blessed to have a true relationship with my God. He is the One who inspires me to be the woman that He wants me to be. Your blog was one of the tools that He provided me with.

    I just want to say thank you for allowing God to use you in this way. May He continue to make you a blessing!

    Many kisses

  2. Thank you very much Lisa, No problem, it is always a pleasure to be used by God to help people like you in any way that I can.

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