Sweet & Tangy thin crust pizza

A nice recipe from my twin sister Elsie www.howtodategodsway.blogspot.com

Is ready in less than 4 minutes....

*Flat Out (or any tortilla bread seasoned)
*Olive oil
*Chicken breast cut into cubes or shredded
*Cabbage (finely sliced)
*Red pepper (diced)
*House of Tsang stir fry sauce Korean BBQ

Watch the video above on how to make this 'Sweet & Tangy thin crust pizza'.

*For a real sweet & tangy flavor, put 'House of Tsang stir fry sauce Korean BBQ' on the Tortilla bread instead of the Olive oil. Place in the oven along with the chicken on 300*F. Then follow through with the rest of the video instructions
*If you like to see your chicken evenly spread throughout the pizza, then shred your chicken
*Best overall pizza crust is 'Flat Out Thin crust flat breads Artisan pizza rustic white'


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