Something every cook needs to know

Hello dear blog viewers, look what happened when someone tried to make my 'Caramel Cake' recipe.

Today I want to share with you an interesting blog that I read from my sisters blog. It is so true, and something that every cook needs to know. You cannot be a cook without knowing this key fact. Read below. 

By the way my sister and I are identical twins who did everything together. 

 visit her blog also

Take a look:

I know, I know. You must be thinking; Why in the world does Elsie have a picture of the trash on her blog?
Well, that's because I don't run scared!

Most of the time when I try a new recipe, even though I make sure to pay close attention to what the recipe is saying and I make that first time recipe so slow and carefully to make sure I don't mess up. And guess what? Most of the time, almost always, I mess up that first time.

Is it frustrating?
 Yeah. But I don't run scared, I'm not afraid to mess up until I get it right.
Yes! The picture you see above is of my trash can, and inside my trash can is the first attempt of the caramel cake recipe that my sister gave me. All that money I invested on that cake went with it to the trash. It came out soggy, too goowy,  and the caramel tasted burnt.

Now, here's the difference between the group of us who don't run scared and the others who run scared.

Don't run scared: your recipe came out wrong and as good as trash, you don't give up. You take the trashed recipe and throw it in the trash.
Yeah, you heard me right! 
Throw it in the trash! Pick your head back up, and do it all over again.
Look at the trashed recipe and realize where you went wrong. What could you have done to make that recipe come out right, and do it all over again.
That is what makes a REAL chef!

Run scared: your recipe came out wrong and you get very disappointed. You loose hope in being a great pastry chef, all because this one recipe came out wrong. You think that you'll never learn. You put it in your head that you can't afford to keep wasting money on this hope and dream of you one day becoming GOOD at baking.
You think, everyone else's recipes come out good and mines don't, so, "I give up".
You feel embarrassed to ask people to eat your baked good. You know it came out bad but you don't want to waste money throwing it out.
And that cake just sits there, on the kitchen counter and nobody even touches it.
As you walk by it every time, it just reminds you of your defeat in the kitchen.


That's what I do, and did today.

Even the greatest of Chefs keep making mistakes in the kitchen until they get it right. This is the learning process of how you become a Master Pastry chef.

 Now, look at my trophy cake below.
If I didn't throw away my first disaster cake, I would never have made my Trophy cake the second time around.

So......Are you RUNNING SCARED?

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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