Have you ever heard the saying 'You eat with your eyes before you eat with your mouth'.

Can you believe I spent $8 on this tiny piece of 'Tres Leches Cake' dessert. It was really delicious and not too sweet. (Notice how they used different colors to highlight the all white cake, they used fresh fruit, mint leaves and a strawberry sauce with white chocolate shavings drizzled on top) But what made me dish out the money to buy this slice of cake in the restaurant was how well it was presented. There is so much detail that went into the decorating or garnishing of the cake. And this is in a 'To Go' 'Take - Out' container. Imagine how much nicer it would be if I were to 'Eat in'.

Before actually tasting any food you first view it, and judge whether you want to try it or not based on it's looks alone. How many times did this happen to you? I know it's happened to me. Where I know I don't like a certain food or I am full; but when I see something and it looks so well presented and delicious. That I end up trying a little piece.

When it comes to food: Think of P.I.E  'Presentation Is Everything.

From my kitchen to yours
God bless


  1. looks delicious n beautiful wow thanx for sharing will remeber to PIE my food


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