Are u Creative enough?

Are you lacking a little creativity when it comes to your cooking? Take a look at these pictures. For instance I made a chicken pie (Empadao) to find out exactly how to make it view my blog post from  July 17, 2012 titled 'Brazilian Chicken Pie (Empadao).
With this particular pie that I made; I didn't just serve it, I also decorated it by making a flower on top. Then I took green food coloring and colored the leaves and the grass. It's a shame I only had green food coloring. Imagine how beautiful it would have looked with for instance red, or purple flower petals.

How about this cake that my husband bought in the store just because of how unique it was. Look how they made a burger out of cake. It was like a mini personal sized cake burger. But if you pay close attention to it. You see how simple it actually is to make. They just made two cakes, One chocolate cake and one vanilla cake. (To find out how to make a basic cake view my blog post from May 29th, 2013 titled Basic Cakes. Then they cut them both into even circles then they took whipped cream and used food coloring to die some yellow, some green and some red. layering it on top of the cake to form mustard, ketchup and lettuce effects. Then they baked a thin layer of another vannilla cake sor the burger bun and sprinkled either sesame seeds or coconut on top. Look how unique and creative yet very simple to make.

Take a look at this pasta with a grilled peice of breaded chicken on top and a great green salad to top it off. Who would have thought pasta and salad all in the same dish. But when all the flavors combine it is a taste bomb explosion in your mouth. Every bite the flavor intensifies and combine so nicely.

Get creative, Get cooking...

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless
Elise Jackson


  1. now I really need to be creative. very helpful

  2. Nice, I love the creativi Sometimes we think about only making the dessert or meal and eating it. We think to ourselves; as long as the food is delicious that's all that counts. And that's not true, being creative is equally important. It makes the meal stand out and it may sound funny but it also makes the meal taste better by it looking great.


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