Stuffed Omelette

Oh, The joys of waking up to an enjoyable and filling breakfast. Breakfast has evolved : - ) try something new. Next time you cook breakfast try making a stuffed omelette. My omelette (pictured above) is stuffed with turkey bacon,mushrooms, turkey slices and cheese.

You can choose to fill it with whatever you want, be creative. You can even season the egg itself, add a few herbs and spices. Do it how you like.

To get this omelette:
Cook your fillings aside first. For mine what I did was, In a frying pan I fried my bacon, turkey and mushrooms and left it aside. Then,

 just take an egg and add a drip of milk to it and a sprinkle of black pepper. Beat it well with a fork until well blended. Take a frying pan and heat it up with a little butter. Once the butter is melted and your pan is hot, take the beaten egg and pour it in the center of you pan; allow to cook for a few minutes on medium low heat until the edges of the egg starts getting browned. Flip your egg over to the other side and immediately put your already cooked fillings into the center of the egg, fold the sides in order to create a moon type shape, or roll it up like a canini. securing the edges and the stuffing inside to ensure that it doesn't fall apart when you go to pick it up.

The cheese helps to ensure everything sticks together. (I don't really like a lot of cheese so I just put a pinch of cheese just to help it stick) but I have also done omelettes without cheese it is completely up to you. 

That's it your done, eat it just as it is or serve it with a nice warm bread of your choice and a hot chocolate, tea, coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. Wow, so very yummy...

who needs McDonalds breakfast when you can make your own even better breakfast quickly at home.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact me

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless


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