Hors d' oeuvres

Setting the table for my guests. Notice that I included flowers even a champagne glass of chocolate ( every womens dream  :  )

This last week I had the opportunity to serve Hors d' oeuvres at one of the events held by the group  'Sisterhood'  all of these things were completely fun  and exciting for me to make. It does take a little more time to make  for instance 30  Hors d' oeuvre than it would for instance one huge thing because you have to do it over and over again in tiny forms

Here I made a fruit basket out of a whole cantaloupe
Hors d' oeuvres is mini delicate yet nicely garnished finger foods.  Hors d' oeuvre  can be a regular dish that you would normally eat but instead made into tiny finger held portions. This is usually served in a fancy get together, where you would like your guests to enjoy food whilst mingling with others, or when you want your  lady guests to enjoy their food whilst not destroying their make - up and lipstick with an entire meal or  even where you feel an entire meal is not entirely necessary for the occasion.

Notice how I served everything on silver serving trays to keep that hors d' oeuvres feel. 

Here I had flavored crackers with a  homemade salmon dip, a few different sauces and spinach  and bacon quiches

I did not have all of the utensils that I would have needed in order to better do this for instance tiny muffin trays or even if I would have found tiny cantaloupes, watermelon or any fruit of that sort and if I had a little more time on my hand I would have done  one of these fruit baskets per guest. that would have been nice.  But as you can see here I made loads of finger foods and even the things that were not finger foods I decorated it to the best of my ability to make it all look appetizing.  

I made mini hotdogs, a cold cuts porcupine is what I call it where I wrapped a cabbage with aluminum foil and on toothpicks put cubes of cheddar cheese, olives and cooked hotdogs pieces and mini dulce de leche filled chocolate muffins.

 Whenever you serve anything, whether it be to family, guests, special occasion. Bring out your best dishes. Be creative. One misconception that some people have is the thought that you need to have money in order to make things look nice. You have to spend alot to have your food or table look nicely decorated. It is not true. You just need to be creative with what you have.

I simply made a cake and decorated it with coconut, strawberry and blackberries

I was creative in making these things but now as I look back at the pictures I can see many ways that I could have been even more creative. If I had more time or thought of this or that it could have come out much better. Be creative. A garnish can be made with anything edible. Be creative and create.

So the next time that you have guests over or want to go all out to set the table for someone use hors d' oeuvres.  Tiny little decorative pieces that don't even look like they were made to eat  :  )
God Bless

From My kitchen to yours


  1. Great job!
    I know that was a lot of work.
    Making H'orderves is so much work because they're tiring and time consuming, because you have to do them one-by-one.
    But you did a great job, Missy chef Elise.
    I'm sure they cleaned the table because they look so delicious.
    Love you as always mom.


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