Fruit Kebob

I was asked to make a fruit kebob yesterday for an event; I made 100 and they were completely devoured by guests in about 20 minutes :  ) That yummy huh!!!  Fruits have never looked so appetizing.  The vibrant mix of colors makes anyone want to eat it, even those who don't even like fruit.

Have you ever seen meat kebobs? Yes, this is the same except with loads of yummy fruits. You can do it with any type of fruit. Use your creativity. Fruits tend to come in almost any shape, size, color, taste so you can really go wild with this one. Make your own fruit kebob as a show stopper on your next event, house party, family treat or as a gift to friends. It is really inexpensive to make and does not take an unbearable amount of time to make. Believe me the efforts as worthed.

Have you ever seen these fruit kebobs with a company called 'Edible Arrangements'? They make really beautiful looking fruit kebobs which are great gifts to anyone but their prices range from a whopping $29 to $85 when you can make it just as beautiful at home for much less.

Look how beautiful, really simple to make...

This fruit kebob that I made was on the simple side but you can really go all out with your creativity. Instead of just cutting all your fruit into squares instead use cooking cutters to shape your fruit into flowers, birds, trees or whatever you want. Use an ice cream scoop to make the inside of your flower with another fruit, use a nice flower vase to put your fruit kebobs in as a display for whatever occasion it may be.

This event had a strictly green theme to it so I chose to use a lot of green fruits to match the event but if you have no color limits go wild with the colors. The more colors you use the more beautiful it will be imagine using strawberries, blueberries, grapes, kiwi, honey dew, cantaloupe, banana, pineapple and more. It will be really nice. Try this for your next event.

Get long kebob sticks and place your cut up fruit in any order you choose then gently poke your kebob sticks into either a watermelon, pineapple, cabbage or whatever else you will be using just make sure to use something hard in order to hold the sticks in place.

That simple...

Note: When making these kebobs it is advised to not use fruits such as apples and pears because they tend to get black easily.

Tip: If you choose to use pears and apples no problem just make sure as you cut them to immediately soak them first into a big bowl with lemon juice and a little water for a few minutes (pears, appleas and potatoes tend to blacken when air hits it. So to avoid this with your fruit make sure to completely soak not allowing air to touch it.) once soaked for a few minutes you are good to go it won't blacken on you.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless
Elise Jackson


  1. Thank you Mrs Elise. This is definitely worth trying out.


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