That's so Yum-a-lishious

Take a quick look, just wanted to share this with you. This meal was a starch overload but yet really yummy. I felt like really treating my self. I had macaroni and cheese, rice, really nicely seasoned black beans, russel sprouts ( the little green ball near the bread   :  ), corn, tender chicken wrapped in bacon, bread, roasted pineapple ( which by the way is an excellent addition to any meal.) and bread paté haven (which I will soon teach you how to make)

Check in the search box above and to the right of this page under 'pineapple' to see how to make your own delicious warm roasted pineapple to be eaten alone or to accompany a meal. Really yummy and especially good on a cold winter day.

Keep posted for more recipes and creation ideas on how to spice it up in the kitchen.
Just wanted to make you hungry  :  )

From my kitchen to yours


  1. Those carbs are too much they will go straight to the hips LOL. Am of African decent so we love them.


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