Thanksgiving at my house

Thanksgiving is a holiday held here in the United States. A holiday where people are invited to give thanks to God for everything He has done in their lives until now. Whilst doing that they have great food and a day spent with the family.

Normally or traditionally here in the United States it is a holiday shared with the family where each person cooks a dish and it is all prepared nicely and served at lunch or most likely dinner. Everyone sits around the table and enjoys great food and a nice time together with family and friends. eat, eat and then eat some more  :  )

Normally turkey is one of the main dishes then there is yams, cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato pie. Then everyone has their own family recipes that they add to the table. One recipe from my husbands family is called 'Oyster dressing stuffing' That is the stuffing used in this turkey which is really, really good. (He refuses to let me share the recipe with you. So I will only share the pictures  :  ) He had to promise his family he would not give the recipe away in order to get it.

This thanksgiving which was a few weeks ago. We had some great food. I shared it with my darling husband, my sister and my brother in law. Really a nice time together and all great food  :  )

From our family to yours, God Bless you and your family  :  )


  1. Wow, it loks really good Mrs Elise. I must say I am following your blog and practising your tips. They are super helpful.

    Thanks and God bless you!


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