Come on, Another excuse... Really???

It really frustrates me when I see people with this mentality in mind. People like this lack vision.
Why do I say that? 
Because If you think like this and you are... Let's say for example a young lady who one day wants to get married to her 'prince charming'. 
Tell me; how will this ever happen if you don't know one of the most used things in a marriage HOW TO COOK. What do you expect your husband to eat on a daily basis SANDWICHES? Come on... Wake up.

Lets kill each excuse in the book to why you should not have to cook, shall we???

I've heard  almost every excuse in the book. Excuses such as:

  • Why cook, someone else can cook for me?
  • Cooking takes long.
  • Cooking is hard, I don't have what it takes.
  • Buying food out every day comes out cheaper or just about the same price.
  • I am too busy, I have no time to cook.
  • I don't know how to cook.
  • etc.etc.etc.

Ladies and gentlemen. I have written this in my blog time and time again and I cannot stress this point enough. Cooking is not something that needs to be done, just to be done. It is important, a need, a necessity. You have to cook on a regular basis.

That's why people end up sick, with health problems, overweight, with high cholesterol etc. because of what they eat. You must make it a habit for you. If you are this kind of person. You need to change that habit. Really... What are you doing to yourself, your body. Come on.... Think about it.

How much money DO you spend by just eating every meal outside Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus your little snacks. How much calories you are eating just basically eating junk food all day, everyday. How about the cholesterol and the fat in those meals you are eating out. You don't know how the food was prepared exactly. One thing is for sure. The food industry is out to make money so most of the times if not all the time, when you buy fast food outside they are not using 100% beef, chicken, fish not using the best rice, bread or anything else. They use the cheapest in order to charge and make more profit. You end up eating the cheaper quality foods. Let's not even talk about the way it is prepared, how is your food being cooked? In a hygienic environment, with love and healthiness in mind or just like another meal to get sold quickly? Answer that for yourself.

Not even cute, just plain sad

If you want to see results in your health, do you want to be a healthier person. Do you have financial problems, need money for important things but due to your habit of eating out every day  cannot afford anything else? Do you have health problems, do you want to loose weight? Do you want to find prince charming one day? Do you want to build or perfect another talent? Do you want to better yourself as a person? Whether it be a man or a woman (I have never heard of a woman complaining because her husband knowS how to cook... On the contrary, a man who can cook has a bonus added to him. ' He is my prince charming and he knows how to cook...)' So learn how to cook. Take the time each day and cook a decent meal.

There are no excuses here. I made it my mission to help people all over learn to cook. That is why I make sure to always take time out of my already busy days. To write a blog in relations to teaching you step by step. How to give your best in the kitchen. I cook, take my pictures, take time to type my own personal recipes just in order to help you better yourself in the kitchen. If I am here to help you but you are not willing to help yourself. What else do you expect?

Make the effort dear friend. I guarantee you will feel happier about it.

Your Dear friend



  1. Thank you Mrs Elise,

    I must share that I am excited as soon I will be living with my friends and this situation has forced me to want to cook it feels good and would really help for the future. It's often the things we try to avoid doing we should do more of.


    Keeley - Rose


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