The Biggest burger I have ever seen

How to make ' The biggest burger you have ever seen'  Wow, look at the height of that thing. Beats a McDonalds 'Big Mac' or Burger kings 'Whooper' by a long shot  :  )

This was the first time in my life that I have ever seen a cheese burger this big. It can easily be done at home for a meal or as a 'show stopper' to show friends. I guarantee that this will not be the healthiest thing you have eaten but nevertheless there are some who would enjoy it.

Very simple to make. All you need is your hamburger bun, 4 burger patties, 5 slices of cheese, pickles, mayonnaise.  Make your sandwich as you choose. Just make sure to stack it neatly or else you burger will go crashing down.

Set your two buns aside with mayonnaise. Then stack together your burgers with cheese. Eg.burger, pickles, cheese, burger, pickles until the very top. Then place this entire stack into the oven for about 5 - 10 minutes just enough to let the cheese melt nicely. Then take your buns already with mayonnaise and put this huge stack into the buns. there you go. ' The biggest burger you have ever seen'

As usual fries go along great.

p.s.  Now to eat the burger is where the technique and talent comes in handy.


  1. Wow,definately amazing!I should try it but I must be very hungry though!
    Thank you for sharing Mrs Elise...


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