My home town trip to "Cape Verde"

Sorry for taking so long to post about our trip and experience in CapeVerde. I wanted to make sure that this post was extra Special. In Cape Verde we went to Praia and Sao Vicente.

This Billboard says "These eyes have already seen the world, but the heart never leaves Cape Verde" Really cute

My mom, grandmother, uncles, everyone in my family is from Cape Verde. Except for me and my twin 'We are American' So I can safely say I am Cape Merican  :  )

Cape Verde is an extremely nice place. It is a Country made up of a whole bunch of little islands.

My family is mostly from the island of Brava. They say it is one of the most beautiful Islands of CapeVerde. They call it the Island of the beautiful flowers and beautiful women  :  )

Look at that Gorgeous view.....

We had a few great events there with some youth who came out to the event 'Knowing how to say No...'

There are so many nice views in Cape Verde, to me it seemed very similar to some parts of Africa that we visited. It was really nice. You would find a lot of people selling in the streets. They have no cinemas or malls there. They do not have much entertainment. They live a simple life. There were lots of people out exercising, swimming in the beach and just at home with family.

Ok, thats a little on the culture and the City. Now the food. Is to die for.......... Literally. It was my first time visiting Cape Verde. Though I have always tasted their food because of my grandmothers cooking. (She cooks amazing, there is something in her food. I could try to make the same exact recipe and it never comes out the same. I guess it is the special grandmothers touch)  But when I went there. Both my husband and I made it a point to try as much of the traditional foods that we could.

Believe me we loved every bite. We ate Cachupa, doce de coco, Cape Verdian candies (which for the life of me , I cannot remember the name right now), couscous is another great breakfast food etc. There was an amazing friend that helped us in this enjoyment of CapeVerdian food. She took the time to actually cook us many things but one meal in particular was 'Cachupa' The traditional Cape Verdian dish.

Cachupa, is a type of heavy soup. It has a mixture of beans, samp, cabbage, cassava, chicken, sausage, beef etc. Whatever meat you choose. Some people get courageous enough to add things like tripe, intestines etc. But not me... I stick to basic meat. 

Anyway. It has a heavy combination, but all those flavors and tastes combined equals this really, really great Cachupa...

Thanks Cape Verde for having us, It was a true pleasure getting to know each and every single one of you. 
May God Bless you all more and more.


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