Africa 'My second home'

Dear blog viewers, here is a bit of what went on in Africa for you to see.

After going to Botswana we visited 'South Africa'. In the time spent in South Africa we had  a few great youth events held against drugs and crime. My husband Damien spoke about his past and how he was able to get out of this lifestyle. He also gave everyone present the opportunity to get one of his books 'Shoulda Been Dead' his true life story and step to step advice on how to change. It is priceless. This opportunity I am having to travel with him. There is no price that can be put on the results that we are seeing through these tours. So many youth coming to us saying how much of an impact this has made in their lives. So many people deciding to leave this type of lifestyle behind and make better choices from now on. It's just amazing. That is what inspires and keeps us going. Just seeing results like these...

South Africa, I truly call it my second home. It is amazing. I was in South Africa many years ago. About 15 years ago to be exact. My parents worked there for about 4 years. It was funny to come back and see how some things changed while others stayed the same. It made me feel really happy to see how much I remembered. 'Zulu' one of the native languages was coming back to me as if it was my own language. As I would hear people talking I would understand what they were saying (For the most part) and songs I would find myself singing along as though I had never left for so many years.

If you have not yet been to Africa. Don't listen to all the things they say about it on TV. It is truly a beautiful Country,everyone has to visit at least once in your life. With All honesty. I can truly say.

                                   'There is no place like Africa'.

 You can become one with the culture. The people are AMAZING, the way they dance and sing UNDESCRIBABLE, their food CREATIVE, their hospitality LIKE NO OTHER.

Take a look at one of their main dishes called 'Papa'. They normally eat it as if it were a substitution for rice. This they eat with their hands since it is of thick consistency and they normally dip it in the meat with the meat sauce and eat it just like that. My husband and I off course had to taste it. You cannot come all the way to Africa and not try this. It was indeed yummy...

Where else in the world can you get this  close to the animals.I was just walking outside near a busy mall and a monkey just walked up out of nowhere...


I got to actually touch lion cubs and stood nearly a few inches from a lion and a few lioness'. (A few inches was just fine for me. Believe me I did not want to get any closer...)

Thank you so very much Durban, Cape town, Pretoria and Johannesburg for having us, we had a blast.

                                      'Africa' My Second Home.


  1. It was lovely to have you in Pretoria. God bless you and your husband!

  2. Wow you were more than welcome Mrs Elise. We love you too!

  3. as I read you posts I get goosebumps. I mean it incredible how people out there is other continents thinks that We africans live in a bush with the Animals but when you come here is totally different. some people even when you chat to them and the y hear that you are from AFRICA the always go like "so you have internet in Africa" but I'm sooo happy that you got to enjoy yourself and you are more than welcome to come back to Namibia (Africa in whole) any time. to be honest there is alot more to see because you just stayed in the cities try going to the villages (rural areas)you will find imaging things.

    Raija from Namibia


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