Presentation is everything, no matter where you go...

I am here in Botswana, Africa. A well developed Country, contrary to what I thought before coming here.

Botswana is really modern, I would have never thought it to be as modern as it actually is. The people are really polite, caring and friendly.

One thing that I noticed as I am blogging about the foods of each culture is the detail and attention to this food that I ate. All the food that I ate here in Botswana was really yummy...

But as I mentioned to you all before.Before you eat any type of food regardless of what it is. You first eat and enjoy a food  with your eyes. It could be your favorite dish but if it is badly presented you won't want it. It is a proven fact. Test it out for yourself the next time you choose to eat or serve a dish.

I had to try many dishes here in Botswana that I have never heard of before. One of the things I tried was a traditional dish called Seswaa (pounded beef). But I tasted them all and ended up enjoying it because of the appearance. Look at how well presented this was.

The chef in the picture was so fascinated that I was from America, he even allowed me to take a picture of him. He was the one who prepared this great food.

Thanks for your hospitality, care and attention Botswana
May God continue to bless you always

Try this Seswaa recipe

Beef Seswaa
 - Pounded boiled beef

Beef Seswaa - photo by Diana Anghel 
- 2 - 3 kg lean beef on the bone (shin, chuck or similar)
- 1 1/2 tsp salt
- water to cover

In a modern kitchen the beef is cut into small pieces (about 4 cm) and a heavy stewing pot is used.
The beef once added to the pot is covered with water.
Add salt to taste.
Boil over a slow fire for about 4 hours, stirring occasionally, until the meat becomes tender.
Collect the bone marrow and keep it to one side.
When the pot boils itself dry add the bone marrow and lightly fry the meat.

Pound the meat with a large wooden spoon and carefully remove all the bones left.
The meat should flake into very fine fibers, then is ready to be served.
A pair of shears can be used to chop or clip the beef fibers into finer pieces if so desired.
Seswaa can be served with bogobe and morogo wa dinawa.

Source: Botswana Traditional Recipes


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