Fruit Salad Masterpiece

As I have mentioned time and time again. Creativity, Color and Presentation (let's call it the CCP's of cooking) are 3 major things to remember when cooking or serving anything. Pay attention to detail.

For instance look at this fruit salad. This person took the time to cut each fruit into unique pieces. Got a butterfly shaped tray and lined it with different colored, uniquely cut fruit pieces. It looks almost too good to eat.

They could have just done the entire thing with grapes for instance and it would have looked nice as well. Imagine all purple. But they took it a step further. Mixed and matched a bit. Tried different shapes, sizes and color to create this fruit work of art.

It even inspired me enough to share with you all.

So next time you do a fruit salad don't just take the entire fruit to eat, cut it into microscopic pieces or chop it into huge unedible chunks. Instead serve it in style. Be creative. Every act of creativity works in the kitchen no matter how bad it may turn out.

At least you tried.
God Bless


  1. And it looks like the person spent ages doing it, which would make it even more special!

  2. Hi leanne, thats just the thing. It looks as if it takes ages to do because it is so detailed and beautiful but in reality it doesn't. It would take I would say maximum 20 - 30 minutes. All you do it cut your fruit and place it on a tray. Not that long at all. But creative yes : ) God Bless, please say hello to your sister and Mrs. Alynne for me.

  3. wow yummy

    ms guni, england

  4. I would love one for mi sis B-DAY how much would one cost?


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