Jamaican cuisine and more

As I am here in Jamaica. I get the privilege of trying all types of Jamaican cuisine. I am being well fed by an excellent Jamaican cook 'Kerry'. I will share one of her really good recipes with you all tomorrow.

Their water is so clean and clear. Oh my gosh... I have to show you this ocean water. Look how crystal clear this. It looks like drinking water and you can completely see the bottom.

Jamaica is so extremely beautiful and tropical. Absolutely amazing. There are trees everywhere. something that we don't see in New York  :  )

Driving along the road all you see are fruit trees everywhere, banana trees, orange trees, june plum trees, ackee trees, coconut trees,almond trees, bread fruit trees, tamarind trees. Trees, trees and more trees

Here I am eating an almond fruit that my husband just picked off the tree. Didn't even know almond was a fruit. kkkkk..  But it tastes like Pomegranate fruit. Really good. The seed of this fruit is the actual almond nut.

They have some different fruit that I have never heard of nor tasted in my life. There is this fruit called 'Bread Fruit' oh my gosh what a fruit.....  This fruit completely tastes like bread. It's a fruit that tastes like bread. They even bake it in the oven like bread.

Bread Fruit

Bread Fruit

Sorrel flower

Take a look at my Jamaican breakfast. This was similar to bread and eggs. It tasted just like it. but it is all fruit. How amazing...  The juice was made out of a flower called sorrel, then the breadfruit which is the long fruit was the bread, the yellow thing that looks exactly like scrambled eggs is the ackee. Really great food and guilt free. What a healthy start to your day all fruit...

bread fruit, ackee, banana and sorrel juice

My hubby enjoying a Jamaican Breakfast
Here they cook with pure ingredients. Everything is made fresh. If you are eating coconut just go outside and get it off the tree cut or shred it and put it in your recipe. One thing that I found to be cool is that they use everything and don't waste anything from a fruit. 

For example a Coconut.
They will take it off a tree drink the water inside the coconut

then the coconut then they peel off this green shell to get to the coconut itself. 

Then they use this brown coconut skin to make brooms

Then they use the white coconut meat to shred or cut to put in food.
Here is a dessert that my Jamaican friend Kerri made today with a fresh coconut. I will share the recipe with you tomorrow. So keep posted.

More on Jamaica tomorrow.
God Bless


  1. Tanyika (YPG Kingston)September 25, 2012 at 7:22 AM

    Keep enjoying!... :-)

  2. Seriously, Mrs. Elise. My mouth is watering a bit lol. Definitely want to try using the recipe once you post it :-)

  3. That just a taste of Jamaica you have many more thing to try out and see....enjoy your stay here....see you on Saturday.:)


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