Brazil, Brazil here I come...

As I mentioned before my husbands has a book that came out about his life called 'Shoulda Been dead' you can find it on amazon. From time to time he has book signing tours. So this time it will be in Brazil. In Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro.

So extremely exciting.... Isn't it?

So as I am preparing for that. I decided to share a little info about the Brazilian cuisine. Brazilian food is so amazingly delicious. In the world it is a style of food that is not so recognized as is Italian food for instance but it is definitely delicious, creative, and by all means different.  In my eyes the Brazilian food is one of; if not the most interestingly delicious food in existence.

If you have not had a chance to try Brazilian food yet. You are surely missing out. Big Time... They have loads of styles, varieties, tastes, mixtures. Their food is so well prepared and they even have the talent of always presenting their meal well. They always garnish (decorate) and set the table well. Making each dish look so irresistible. It's surprising that they are mostly thin as a nation. If I were a Brazilian, living in Brazil, I would have to have a lot of self control in order to not eat everything...

For Breakfast they normally eat light,
Cheese Bread (very common in Breakfast)
Bread with ham and cheese or even butter is a biggy..

At lunch they eat heavier, for the most part from what I know they really love their red meats, rice and beans.

Rice and black beans for them goes with EVERY meal
Most Brazilians love their red meat

For snack time they normally eat these treats, that are an experience with every single bite.

minced meat filled treat

chicken filled treats

Dessert, so unique and delicious. Mostly for desserts they love using condensed milk in almost every dessert recipe. Sweetened Condensed milk Is a big part of their desserts.
Assorted mini treats called docinhos
Pave - they add chocolate, cookies, or even fruits etc.

Dinner Normally they repeat lunch and eat a big meal.

I am so excited to have this great privilege to spend a few days in Brazil getting to know more about their culture, foods, people and more. I will keep you posted.

God Bless
p.s.  If you haven't tried Brazilian food or met the Brazilian people. You are missing out. The food, culture in whole and people are absolutely amazing.


  1. I will be here waiting patiently to hear more of your trip!

  2. Super criativo o seu post, amei, especialmente porque somos tudo isso mesmo: gostamos de carnes, pães, pães de queijo... Ah, sim, os doces: todos à base de leite condensado. Muito legal, venham sempre ao Brasil, vocês são uns amores e serão sempre bem recebidos por aqui. DEUS OS ABENÇOE, Ivonete Soares (Folha Universal, SP)


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