Amazing Pizza (Brazil)

Egg, cheese and ham pizza

As I am here in Brazil and getting to know the culture even more. I was extremely fascinated with their pizza flavors that I had to share this with you.

I had the privilege of being shown  to this pizza restaurant here in Brazil   (which  apparently they have a lot of.)

There are so many pizza flavors to choose from. One thing that was very different for me is the amount of flavors , that you can choose from ; and the flavors range from both sweet and Savory

My pizza experience here  :  ) opened my mind to come out of the box with my regular choice of  pepperoni or cheese pizza's but to next time invent and create more flavors . (To be bolder and try more)

Next time I will make a homemade pizza with my own unique toppings. You might not be in Brazil to try this but be creative and do the same at home. Lets see what kind of pizza  your creative mind can make.
Strawberry and Chocolate pizza
Between my husband and I we ate an egg/ cheese and ham pizza ,  Brazilian sausage pizza , bacon pizza , banana and cinnamon pizza , and a chocolate and strawberry pizza .

All very delicious...

Zuccini pizza
Banana and cinnamon pizza

I will keep you updated with our Brazilian tour  :  ) the culture and its amazing foods. Keep posted for more throughout this week.
God Bless, Enjoy


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