Seafood pasta alfredo

This picture was taken in the restaurant called Red Lobster. Doesn't it look so good?  This dish costs almost $20 yet is so simple to make at home and just as delicious.

Spaghetti or Linguini Pasta
Crab legs
Scallops or mussels (optional)
Diced Bacon
Heavy Cream
Cheddar Cheese paste
Diced tomatoes
Olive oil
crushed garlic

Boil your pasta. for about 10 minutes until it is 'Al Dente' and soft. Drain the pasta, rinse and  in the pot it was in put some olive oil and your crushed garlic. Cook until slightly brown. then add your pasta back to the pot and mix around so that it can have a garlic and oil flavor to it. Then place it aside.

Separately in a pan cook  your bacon then add quit a bit of olive oil and sautee together your  diced tomatoes and seafood  along with the cooked bacon for just about 3 to 4 minutes until all just cooked.

Add to this your cheddar cheese paste.  (A great substitution for this since it is kind of hard to find is the cheese packets from a mac and cheese box. Like the 'velvet' cheesy pouch.) Put a little of that in there and add in a bit of heavy cream you want it to be a slight orange color yet very creamy. Don't overdo the cream but also don't under do it.

Cook on low - medium heat for about 7 minutes until the sauce gets noticeably thickened. 
Serve on a plate with your pasta first then spoon your sauce on top and enjoy.

For this recipe I did not specify exact amounts because that is left to your discretion. Some people may like more seafood in it than others, some may like it more creamy than others or cheesier than others. So feel free to add as much of what you like as you want. I am sure it will taste really great.

Here is my version. it came out sooooo good. 

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From My kitchen to yours, Elise


  1. I hate sea food but this picture really is making want to try out the dish


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