Cream Cheese Mix

I learned this new recipe last week from a lady in Dallas named Annette. It is a really neat idea and serves as a great treat or quick snack for yourself or to entertain guests.  She served it with crackers but would also go well with tiny pieces of toast or with tortilla chips.

All you need is
Cream cheese
diced olives , ham (or anything else)

This dish is really nice because you can easily make it your own by adding something completely different if you want. She added ham and olives which were diced into tiny pieces. If you don't like that and choose to add something complete;y different go right ahead and try. But with these 2 ingredients it came out to be finger licking good.

You just add it to the cream cheese and mix it all well until creamy. Serve it on a nice dish along with the crackers, chips or bread.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless Elise


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