Finally!!! Someone who is actually doing something to learn how to cook

Just this last week I received an email from a blog viewer that really made me smile.

As I have mentioned many times before. So many people say they want to learn to cook, eat healthier, loose weight (yet they eat fast food on a daily basis) and even one day find prince charming (who by the way has a stomach and needs to eat decent food).

But my point here is: There are not many who are actually putting in the efforts to get it done. How will you ever learn  to cook if you don't even try, are too lazy or give up easily? Hopefully one persons enthusiasm may inspire you.

Hello Mrs Elise, 

My name is Amelia and I am from  the Uk, the branch her in Finsbury Park

I have been looking at you blog and love the different recipes you have shared!!. I can almost taste it lol. 

Well just today I had made a Cooking Rota, on the days in which I will be cooking at home  ( I live with two of my close friends). I am down for Tuesday's and Sundays, and I wanted to do something special, tasty, healthy and filling. Not only for a week but constantly making tasty food to enjoy and not just to 'kill that hungry belly'.

What do you suggest?

I was thinking to make a lasagna, but not to sure of how to make it.

Looking forward to hear from you :-) xx
    Amelia Vicente

My ultimate goal.. is to lead them to You 
What a smart person, this is a young lady with vision. As she mentioned she wants to make quality food not just to 'Kill that hungry belly' as she wrote :  ) but to taste great as well.

By the way, I have already posted a blog of a delicious lasagna recipe. Just put in the search bar on the top right hand side of the page. Type in lasagna and it will take you to that post. Try it...

You can write to me as well and share your experiences. How has this blog helped you? Share this experience with me and I might just post it on my blog. Imagine how many people you can also inspire with your story and dedication to being a great cook. Or even for specific kitchen questions.

Email me at

God Bless


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