This looks like whipped cream but its not. This is what forms when you beat egg whites (only - not the yolk) by beating it for a while it comes out looking like this. If you just add sugar to it, it becomes Meringue.

It is Great as a topping for pies. Have you ever had a lemon meringue pie? You can just put this on top of the pie you made (any pie really but especially lemon pie) and then place the entire thing in the oven  under 325F and 160C for about 25 minutes and it forms a hard shell like sweet top.

Notice all the white on top of the pie? Thats this Meringue. Nicely toasted in the oven.

By beating the egg whites a bit more and adding a bit of salt, oil and a few more ingredients you will get mayonnaise.

A lot of recipes call for beating egg whites alone. They are great in certain sponge cakes. By doing this it allows the cake to have a nice spongelike texture.

Have you ever had those delicious meringue candy treats? Thats all it is egg whites and sugar batten together and a touch of vanilla extract if you want. Bake in the oven for some time until it is nice and dry about 30 minutes to an hour.

From my kitchen to yours, God Bless


  1. Hi Mrs. Elise, thank you so much for this recipe, I am not a big baker but I would love to be....

  2. You can be Jhaun you just need to act on it and try. No one is born cooking we all learn. Practice makes perfect. So take something from this blog and actually try doing it and you will see yourself get better each time : )

  3. Hi Mrs Elise,

    This is the same method to make tiramisu, just the egg white (except you place it in the fridge after). I would like you to share your own recipe of Tiramisu sometime, I'm sure it will help alot : )


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