Having fun with cupcakes

Cupcakes can be the funnest things to create. It is super simple yet you can let your creativity flow with each individual piece. It is especially fun for making with kids.

You can make anything, I remember making a car, smiley faces, clowns, trees and so much more out of cupcakes.  You can use anything edible and if possible sweet in order to decorate.
Here I baked a regular chocolate cupcake, for recipes on how to make a good cake batch visit my blog titled 'Cake decorating (part 1)' November 7th.

Once I finished the baking I allowed it to cool while I pulled out all of my ingredients to decorate my cupcakes with.

You first need to frost it which you can use anything creamy to do. You can use pudding, whipped cream, frosting etc. I used whipped cream to frost my cupcakes. For more info on decorating cakes visit my post titled "Cake decorating (Part 2)" November 10th

For my cupcake tree look alike :  ) I dyed my whipped cream green with food coloring then  uses raisins, tomatoes tiny pieces and coconut for a little detail.

For my colorful cupcake I simply used my white whipped cream and then took a toothpick and dipped it into each food coloring color and made a swirl on the whipped cream. then I added sprinkles to it.

Have a great cupcake creation


  1. wow,I'm loving this,I've always wanted to make cupcakes...will give them a try and will let you know how it goes..thanks for the post
    Goldie UK

  2. Yes Goldie do give it a try, then let me know. I would like that.


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