Swiss Roll

Ok I have to admit. This dessert was so good that I ate so many pieces and by the end of the day ended up feeling sick from so much sugar that my wonderful husband had to end up making me some peppermint tea to sooth my stomach. So I have to warn you              ... Caution... Extremely Delicious Dessert, eat in moderation.

I made the Dulce De Leche (which is on yesterdays post) To become the filling of this 'Swiss Roll' It really simple. Try it.

Swiss Roll
6 eggs
1 1/2 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar

1.Separate eggs into two medium bowls. Separate egg yolks from egg whites.
2.Add sugar to the yolks (yellow part) and beat until light yellow and creamy
3.After beating yolks and sugar make sure to wash and dry beater very carefully.
4.Now beat egg whites until very light and fluffy. NOT TOO STIFF (it will be like a whipped cream texture
5. Add flour and baking powder to the yolk and sugar mixture. Then add your milk in a little at a time and continue to mix. Make sure to not add in the milk all at once.
6. Fold in your mixed egg whites (to fold in means to take a wooden spoon and lightly fold it in as if you where folding clothes. The whole point of it is to keep it fluffy. Do Not Mix. because if you do it looses the fluff)
7.Use wax or parchment paper and put it on the bottom of a pyrex or long square oven dish then add your cake mixture on top of this parchment paper. (This paper makes it easier for you so that when it is time to remove it, it won't break so easily as well as you won't have to butter the pan because this paper has a non stick surface to it.) Bake it in the oven under 350F or 180C for about 15 - 20 minutes or until it is a light brown color.

How To Roll It
In my swiss roll I chose to use Dulce De Leche but you can fill it with whatever you choose. As usual I would encourage you to be creative and try different things.

When the swiss roll is baked. Immediately turn it out onto a wet cloth and remove the paper. (working quickly)

spread your filling onto the cake while still hot and roll it up quickly and carefully; using the cloth or if you prefer your hands. (The  use of the cloth helps to prevent it from being sticky and breaking easily) Once rolled up, remove your cloth and leave cake to cool.

Super delicious enjoy...

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  1. I love this, we would eat it like a lot when we were young as it's such a typical Portugese delight and dulce de leche I ABSOLUTELY love!!! Will crack on and make It this week for my sisters and mummy lol, so excited!

  2. I made this following your recipe and it was so sweet! It is the first time I baked something and my mom and I enjoyed it. The rolling part was a bit of a mission, though, so I will take pictures next time.

    Can't wait to try more!

    All my love
    Lisa (South Africa - Cape Town)

  3. Wow Lisa, very nice. This was indeed delicious. I actually need to make it again soon for myself. It is great that you tried this recipe, Don't worry about the rolling this was a task for me as well to do. That is the tricky part but by the next time you do it I am sure it will be much better : )


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