Rice Pudding

Okay, today after eating lunch. I was in the mood for something sweet but I didn't feel like eating chocolate or going out to buy something extremely junky.  So I made this with what I had at home.

And Oh my, Oh my.....  It was to die for....

This cream-a-licious, smooth and tasty rice pudding. Topped with strawberry and pecans was absolutely amazing. It can be eaten both hot and cold.                    And believe me I ate it both ways.

Serves 3 people

All you need is:
1/2 cup rice
2 cups milk
1/2 can sweetened condensed milk (about 5 oz)
1 cinnamon stick

Rinse off your rice and then put it in a pot and add in everything else. Your milk, condensed milk and cinnamon stick. Turn the heat on medium and allow it to cook for about 35 minutes or until it thickens. Keep stirring every few minutes so that it won't burn.

Thats it.  You can eat it just like that or let it cool then put it in the fridge and eat it very cold. They both taste equally as good.

This goes great with ice cream or whipped cream.

and you can make it for free with what you have at home.My husband and I went to this place in NY, called 'Rice To Riches' they sell extremely good Rice pudding in all flavors. The Price..... $7 - $9 for a small bowl.

Why not try it at home. It can be any flavor you choose, add extra cinnamon by sprinkling some on top, add coconut, fruit or whatever else. Why buy these things in the restaurant or desire to have it on any given day and not be able to.

Come on for something so easy, it should be a sin to be too lazy to do this.

Enjoy your cream -a -licious pudding.

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