Garnish your meals with anything beautiful and edible or something just plain gorgeous. Meet my mom, doesn't she look so beautiful?  She is just as gorgeous as those delicate flowers.

You can use just about anything to garnish (decorate) your dish. The garnish is sometimes what is left to complete the meal. Take that extra step and add something more to your dish. Remember how in my other post. I mentioned that you should add color and make sure you dish looks good. Because before someone eats it. They will see it first...

Flowers are something inexpensive yet extremely gorgeous. Use this and other great things to garnish. Here are some examples.

Here is a wedding cake that I made a few months ago and the main decor on it was a handful of fresh red roses.

look at how absolutely gorgeous

Look, at this... great

These are simple tomatoes. Imagine how cute this would look on your plate just as a garnish. Colorful and gorgeous.

This picture makes you want to eat the cucumber. Even though it's just cucumber. you want to eat it; it looks so good.
Look at that, so colorful, decorated with leaves, grapes and grapefruit. Who said cooking is not an art?
Made a simple, egg salad look exquisite
Get the point???

You can use flowers, fruit, vegetables, anything. Just be creative... and get garnishing.
God Bless


  1. Awwww how sweet !!!
    I love you too, Boooo!!!
    Love these decorations, good job Boo.
    Yes, totally agree with the garnishing.
    if it doesn't look pretty, I'm not eating it!
    First we feed our eyes, than our stomach.
    How can our stomach be happy if our eyes are unhappy with the appearance? Right?
    Love you

  2. EEEEiiisssh

    you really good Mrs Elise

    never though of this. indeed cooking is art. :-) :-)

    thank you


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