Are You Just Gonna Stand There And Take That ???

Life that is worth living is a life that you take care of.

It's easy to find people who say. I want to live a long, happy and wonderful life. It's sad to see all these people with hopes and dreams of a better life but with no 'will power' to do anything about it.

Why just desire and wish or hope for the nicer body, the happier marriage, better finances, united family, higher self esteem etc. It seems so, so very hard for me to try to hammer into peoples thoughts this idea that just hoping for something won't get you there.  You need to get up and ACT...

I pray to God, that this blog gets through to at least one person. If you want a change in your life or in your lifestyle you need to DO something about it. Not just look around at others who have it and wish them the best.  How about you dear friend. How about you?

When it comes to cooking. It grieves me to see the lack of people trying. So many don't know how to cook at all. So many cook, but barely. Just eating very simple, monotonous meals.  How about TRYING dear friend.

Is it okay to not know how to cook, or barely know your way around the kitchen. Are you satisfied with knowing the little that you know and eating the same old thing?  That explains why you are the way you are. I'm sorry to say it. But it's true.

Life is to be lived, cherished, loved and enjoyed. But how can you do that when all you eat is junk food because you don't cook your own meals. How can you  get sick with diabetes, high or low blood pressure,  high cholesterol,obesity and any and all other health issues and then blame God for it. Come on friends that is not fair.

Stop being lazy, with finding the solutions to your problem whether it be in the kitchen, your health, finances, family or any area. Look for the answer,I believe it is right in front of you. Find it, recognize it and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

P.S. if you fall under the category of the person who still does not know how to cook. It means you are not taking advantage of this blog that is made specifically for people like you.  How do you expect for God to bless you with your prince charming one day; especially one day soon; if you can't and won't be able to keep him alive with the basic essential ' a descent meal'.

Go back and look at my older posts. There are hundreds of blog posts. Look through, read them, learn from each one and practice it. Then you can say to God. I am ready for my prince or I am ready for my next challenge. Instead of this is the way I am. Where is the growth in that?

God Bless


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