OOOEEY Gooeey Chocolate Cake

For a chocolate lover like myself. This cake is a dream come true. Very simple, yet has that Oooeey Gooeey chocolate dream like frosting. 

If you follow the directions on my November 7th post titled 'Cake Decorating (Part 1)' or my  January 26th post titled 'Spoiling Bananas' you can bake the actual cake. But the Oooeey Gooeey dream like frostings 

Made with 2 ingredients.  
1 can sweetened condensed milk, chocolate powder

All you do is mix in a pot the 2 ingredients; the condensed milk and the chocolate powder on low heat. You need to constantly stir with no breaks in between because it can easily burn. Keep stirring on low heat for about 10 minutes until you see it noticeably thickened.

Then use it as you dreamy!!!!! cake frosting. Normally what I do is sprinkle shredded white chocolate on top to have that extra chocolate flavor. But this time I sprinkled coconut on top to make it different.

Sooooooo yummyyy.  Really. A Must try recipe. It finished in 24 hours  :  0
Oops... I guess when something is that good it is okay to eat over and over and over again  :  )
God Bless


  1. Thanks Mrs.Elise, the recipe and the picture alone makes me want to do one myself. (lol...)

  2. Ohhhhhhh Elise, I really do miss your cakes!!! Delicious!!!

  3. I made it this last night following the other instructions of Cake Decorating Parts 1 and 2. I added a personal touch by grating peppermint chocolate on top of the frosting!

    Too delicious and very sweet! I called it "Death by Chocolate". It's the name of one of the chocolate cakes a bakery I love ("Charly's Bakery")makes.


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