Fridge cleaning

From time to time, I suggest you clean your fridge and oven thoroughly. You can't just clean around the kitchen but not inside cabinets,fridge, oven, microwave etc.

It doesn't have to be on a weekly basis but maybe 2 times a month. Organize yourself so that when you are cleaning, for you to completely remove everything and clean the fridge and freezer. Wash out the drawers, clean the sections, behind the draws (every corner and crevasse.)

Throw away the foods that are not being used or foods that are spoiling and reorganize your fridge neatly.

After all this is where you store your food. It needs to be clean and organized. You don't want it to look like this. Do you?

I didn't think so. So practice having the habit of doing this, not only with your fridge but with everything else in your kitchen. Don't just counter clean. Deep clean.

God Bless


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