Be creative

A key point to cooking or baking anything is to be creative. Play with color, style, taste, placement.

Try using anything edible to decorate your dish and make it very eye catching.

Remember this: Before anyone eats an actual dish, they actually eat it with their eyes.

Which means, before even tasting your meal, you have already decided whether you want to eat it or not by how it looks first. (So make your food stand out first, then worry about the taste)

How many times have I fell for this trap. I can remember loads of times when I bought something just because it looked delicious but then when I tasted it. I hated it. But what caused me to grab it and put it in my mouth. The looks...

On the contrary, how many times have I not even wanted to touch a dish. Didn't matter how good everyone says it is. But if it looks disgusting and sloppy (sloppily prepared) I won't even touch it. Much less put it in my mouth.

So work on this.

God bless


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