Your Side Dish

What goes with what?

I have had people ask me. "Well okay, I have made my main dish, my chicken, my beef or whatever else but how do I know what it goes with?"

There is no right or wrong answer to that question. But there are tips that might help you match your food better. So that the tastes may blend well together.

Your side dishes are the foods that complement the dish. They are not the main course. 

What I like to do when organizing my meal is always include one starch and one vegetable.

A starch could be any type of pasta, rice, potato or sweet potato
And then add any type of vegetable you enjoy eating. (The more the better) It also adds life and great color to your food.

Look at how the vegetables liven up these dishes

My Basic Guidelines
Beef - Potatoes, veggies ( rice is also a great combination)
Seafood - pasta, veggies (rice and potatoes also are great with this)
Pork - Rice, veggies
Chicken - rice, veggies (also great with pasta)
ground minced meat - pasta, veggies (potatoes are also good)
Turkey - sweet potato, veggies (rice is also good)

I hope this gives you a better idea on how to combine foods.

Mix and match a bit. Don't be afraid to try. That is how great dishes are created.


  1. It looks very delicious...!! Thank you for the tips. :-)


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