The Small Details Count

Is your kitchen Upgraded???

Have you seen my before an after pictures for my kitchen remodeling that only took $20 to create?

                                                                    Quick B4 picture

View my older post from November 29th titled 'Stepping into my Kitchen' for the drastic kitchen transformation pictures.

The small details in your kitchen count...

After changing my kitchen little by little I started adding small decorations and items to give it a finishing touch.

Like in this picture you can see that I covered up the 2 holes in the wall behind the trash can with sheet rock. I also bought a silver garbage can to replace the plastic white one that I had and bought a sliver dish rack to replace the white plastic one.

In this picture you can see that I added red seat cushions to my wooden kitchen chairs to make the table blend in to the decor. I also added a white board type sticker to my fridge in order to write the daily menu. And included a fresh fruit basket on the table

In this picture. You can see that I painted this table black and white and also added this shelf to a wall that was plain white and had nothing on it. I added this white shelf and displayed black and white dishes that match the kitchen colors.

Upgrade your kitchen and send me your pictures to  Who knows maybe I will display your creative kitchen decor pictures here.

God Bless


  1. Hi Elise. I tasted a lovely sweet potatoe pie a few months ago and I think this originates from America right? Anyway I would love to learn how to make it as well as learning how to make bread and other pastry dishes/Jamaican patty etc. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a food suggestion section for viewers to to write what they would like to learn from you, what do you think?

  2. Hi Fran, thanks for the great idea. I will implement it very soon. Keep posted for the recipes. Sweet Potatoe pie is an amazing american desert. So extremely easy yet delicious. It is a dessert we use here in the US especially for thanksgiving. My husband is really good at making it. I actually wrote the recipe. If you check the November 26th post titled 'Anyone can cook' There is the sweet potato recipe it is really quick and easy to make.


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