R U a 'Sleep-A- Holic' ?

Meet 'Tyson' my dog, a Sleep-A-Holic by nature. He loves 2 things in his little life; to eat and to sleep.
The thing is that he can do that, he's a dog and has nothing else to do with his day.

Why am I bringing up this point? Many people don't cook because of laziness. Instead of waking up just a few minutes earlier in the mornings to cook breakfast they would rather sleep a little more and then just grab something quick and easy on the go. 

Is that You?????

Don't let laziness, kill you (literally). Take care of your health, even if it means investing a few more minutes a day in your kitchen and not in your bed.


  1. I like this one, good point here mana!

    Awww look at my Tyson.... Give him hugs and kisses for me


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