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I have come across many people who struggle with their weight. Lots of people either want to loose weight, eat healthier, be healthier or are what I consider a 'skinny, fat person' Which is a person who seems to be in shape on the outward appearance but when it comes to their inner health. It is very bad.

We need to watch our eating habits, not only in order to loose weight if that is your case but also in order to survive and be productive. 

One way to do that is to count the amount of calories you eat per day. Go here and follow directions in order to know how much is a healthy amount of calories that you should be eating per day. Once you have figured that out. You should eat just that.

Everything that you put into your mouth should be accounted for. Just as in your finances (If you are on top of it...) You don't just recklessly spend money without knowing where it goes right? If you do, you very quickly will not have anymore. The same way with your calories. They are valuable. If you spend them recklessly (on junky or high calorie foods) you very quickly will run out.


Here is a site that you can daily keep track of what you are eating. It counts the calories for you.

Also along with this and anything that you do. Heading toward a healthier, better you. Needs to include exercise. That is the key to healthiness and any form of weightless.  Cultivate a habit of exercising on a regular basis. A few times a week. Do something that is fun to you. Play a sport, dance, go to the gym, swim, ride a bike. Chances are if you exercise doing what you like to do. You will be more prone to actually doing it.

To a healthier life we go  :  )


    Thanks for the tips Mrs.Elise


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